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Beekeeping Supplies

We stock a wide variety of beekeeping equipment catering to the time poor beekeeper, most of our timber hives are preassembled and ready for you to use as soon as you get home. We stock the latest Australian designed HiveIQ EPS hives, a visit to our Knoxfield store is recommended or simply order online.

As commercial beekeepers we know how important a great beekeeping suit is so we have designed our own 3 layer suit called BeeSafe and its exactly what we say it is. Our suits are constructed of a very high quality mesh, that is designed to last.

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Safety and longevity are major considerations in the selection of our suit materials.


We have not been able to tear the Supreme quality material, unlike regular suits made of lower grade materials.

The material can get small holes in it, especially if it is caught on nails, tree branches or steel, but these are normally small enough to prevent the bees breaching the suits' outer layer of protection.

Most three layer material rely on the integrity of ALL 3 layers. If the outer layer is breached, the bees can easily sting through the other 2 layers, the BeeSafe suit only has quality layers to prevent tears and the hood has graphite mesh which is super tough.